Alexander Saad

A lawyer specialist in Labor & Employment with over 29 years of experience in the field.


A professional to assist you

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Labor & Employment

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Corporate & Compliance

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Intellectual Property

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Corporate & Compliance

Why Compliance Programs Fail

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Intellectual Property

Interfering with Employee Rights

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Bruna Paciello

Senior Associate Lawyer

Alexander is a highly skilled lawyer. He has great compassion towards his clients, good judgment, and vast knowledge of the law. He is combining his legal, tech, and commercial knowledge to provide you with the best advice.

Vlad Nossier

Assistant Corporate Officer

I could not praise Alexander any more for all his help and support with my application. l was concerned about how the process is going to go, but his professional and genuine advice has instantly brushed all my worries away.


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Phone Number: (808) 555-0000

Adress: 8502 Preston Rd. Inglewood, Maine 98380

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